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Cinematography Packages and Rates

                   There are many choices for cinematography coverage of your event.


Bruce Cullen films your events with our exciting new Steadicam + cinema camera.  

 the cost of his extraordinary coverage of weddings:  $2,500 - $10,000.    click here for more information / package details.


Jonathan Mullen films your events with a classic Steadicam + traditional video camera.  

 the cost of his basic, standard coverage of weddings:  $1,250 - $2,450.   click here for more information / package details.


And both Steadicam operators are also available for any other party or event.

 costs vary for our extraordinary or our standard coverage of parties.       click here for more information / package details.


We filmed the videos below at the same time, side-by-side, so you can see the differences between our shooting styles.


Any questions or comments?  Please contact Bruce: 


Steadicam Cinematography by BRUCE CULLEN with cinema camera and artistic lenses.


Steadicam Cinematography by JONATHAN MULLEN with traditional video camera and standard lens.

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