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Authentic Personal Movies

Thoughtfully Filmed For You


Advantages of the Steadicam:

best way to capture emotional, spontaneous moments

able to seamlessly move along with whatever happens

makes for a very dynamic viewing experience

you feel like the camera is not even there

behind-the-scenes footage is truly amazing 

Lifting by Cross√√.jpg

Bride "I don't even notice you."

Maid of Honor "I don't either."

Bride "He's one of the girls... floating camera."

Maid of Honor "Steadicam."

Bridesmaid "Oh yeah."

 Nicole "I haven't even noticed Bruce the entire day."

 Mike "He's like a ninja."

 Nicole "I don't even feel like he's there."

FirstKiss (modified for web).jpg

 Sarah "This is so cool... isn't that camera awesome?"

 Flower Girl "They use that for movies."

  this is an awesome and ingenious camera stabilizing system  

  creating a beautiful & dynamic at home viewing experience  

  it puts movie viewers in the space with you and your family and friends, for a more emotional connection    

 enables the production of real life motion pictures, which are honest, personal, and so authentically you  

 capable of shooting many of your scenes better than other cameras (see videos at the top of the page)  

 impressive video equipment and also comfortable to have around you on your special day  

 ideal for capturing memories of happiness, excitement, and love at your "live" event  

 floats smoothly right in front of me for a fluid cinematic movement  

  it is constantly ready for unexpected and spontaneous moments  

 you really do feel like the camera is not even there, almost invisible   

 allows me to easily stay out of the way of everyone while filming  

 photographers, DJs, bands, and event planners like working with me  

 my style of filming is unique and appealing and tells your story 

  the goal is to always get natural-looking shots of you just being you  

  editing makes delightful dreamy movies from your real life footage    

Steadicams are everywhere, but rarely seen...  until now.


   and Pricing


Wedding  Packages

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