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ct wedding videographer

 I love the highlights film!  It made me grin from ear to ear!  The outtake is just too good.

 And the sparklers video is just beautifully done.  Thank you so much for your hard work.

 It's was so so so great working with you!

      Brianna   (Connecticut Bride)      

nyc wedding videographer

 Bruce is an absolute artist (which we did not fully appreciate until we saw the movie).

 And he picked up on the fact that we are not particularly serious or sappy people,

 so his editing really caught the funny moments that could have otherwise been lost.  

 Bottom line… he hit the ball out of the park.

      John   (New York City Groom)

ny wedding videographer

 OMG, you just put the biggest smile on my face.  

 I hope you know how special what you do is for so many people.  

 Your videos will be treasured by us for the rest of our lives.

 I think you also did an amazing job at making us feel like you weren't even there.

      Sarah   (New Rochelle Bride)

ct wedding videographer

 You took a small event and turned it into the talk of the town.  

 One part originality, one part technology, one part fingers-crossed to meet our deadline.  

 The winter stars were all in alignment that night and you gave us the most memorable

 time of our lives.  Wishing you continued success in making people's dreams come true. ​

      Lisa & Rob   (they have sent a thank you note every anniversary for ten years!)

ny wedding videographer

 I always think of you and the wonderful things you did for us and our wedding.

 Our daughter loves watching the wedding video.  We worked with many people

 for our wedding, but you remain our favorite Bruce!  You had such good energy.

      Nadia   (New Rochelle Bride - she wrote these words years later)      

ny wedding videographer

 We both love the movie!  It truly captures the day!  It was great being reminded of 

 little details of the day I had forgotten, I love how the video really triggers my memory.

 The extra bonus features were a great surprise, cute and funny and fun to watch.  :)

 It was such a pleasure working with you throughout the wedding planning process!

 I think you helped put Dave at ease with being filmed, and your obvious passion

 for your work helped keep everyone excited during the filming process!​

      Claudia   (New York Bride)

Highlights 1.jpg

 Bruce was great.  Communication prior was great, he gave links to samples, talked  about his style, and answered all our questions.  Day of he arrived early with some  impressive videography equipment and immediately starting capturing things.

 He was present and worked with photographers throughout the night and got tons  of footage.  He delivered eight fully edited videos to us within two weeks of the  wedding and they were even better than we hoped.  He mixed it up with all kinds 

 of funny and serious moments.  Most importantly it allowed us to feel like we were  right back in our wedding, it brought us back to the whole day starting from the  hotel, not just the wedding.  The videos bring lots of laughter of stupid things done  and said, along with tears of joy for one of the most important days of our lives.  Initially we debated a video due to cost but we are beyond grateful we went with it.  Bruce's work doesn't merely recap the wedding, he lets you revisit the experience  over and over.  We didn't think about it beforehand, but Bruce posted the videos  

 so that we could send them to people who weren't able to make the wedding and it  let them feel like they were there too.  Thanks again Bruce.

      Christopher   (New York Groom)

nj wedding videographer

 I have had an incredibly tiring weekend, working intensely at a conference.

 When I got into our apartment tonight I found the best surprise... our video.

 After watching it (I am now on my 8th round), I am utterly elated and truly blown away

 with your style and the beautiful movie.  In its essence, it captures both of us - he is 

 calm, reserved... juxtaposed against my loud inappropriateness.  I absolutely love it. 

 You are a true artist and incredible talent.  I have to admit, all of the frustration and

 exhaustion from this weekend really has escaped me by watching this wonderful gift.  

 I cannot thank you enough.

      Kavita   (New York Bride - her comments about a short pre-wedding film)

ct wedding videographers

 Bruce - we absolutely LOVE IT!!!!

 Thank you so much!  It really brings back the great memories from that day!

      Caroline   (Rhode Island Bride)

vermont wedding video

 People are freaking out about the movie... can't believe how good it is.  

 We also took some time to watch the other short videos... and just loved them.

 They were really amazing... you did such a good job.  Thank you so much!

      Marc   (Florida Groom - married in Vermont)

nh wedding videographer

 I know you love what you do...  

 I can see it in your work and in the way you deal with people.

      Jennifer   (New Hampshire Bride)

nyc wedding videographer

 We were hesitant to spend that much on video coverage

 (after blowing well past any notion of a budget on everything else)

 but in hindsight… it was some of the best money we spent on the wedding.

      John   (New York City Groom)

ny wedding videographer

 All I’m going to say is…


      Sarah   (New Rochelle Bride)

nj wedding videographer

Bruce! I absolutely love it.  I wasn't even supposed to have a wedding video and now I

have this beautifully shot and edited motion picture of my wedding day to have forever.

I'm tearing up right now thinking that one day I will be able to show my children and

maybe even my grandchildren a video of my wedding and all its special moments.  You captured everything beautifully!  The lighting was spot on -- making everyone look their best.  You somehow managed to capture moments and edit in highlights of the day that

we spoke about after the wedding that there is no way you would have known they were special moments -- such as my brother telling me he started the electric slide (he was so proud of himself!), my dancing with my long time friend Kiira (we maybe only danced together for 2 minutes the whole night but you must have sensed that it was somehow important), priceless facial expressions and more. AND - my favorite part: you opened

the movie with such a clever opening - the pastor saying "that means its supposed to stay

on forever."  LOVED THAT!!!!!!  I also loved how you captured the portrait sessions by flashing in and out almost like the camera was taking pictures -- FANTASTIC!  Your work

is brilliant and I am so grateful.  You were always honest with me and I appreciate that.

      Tanja   (New York Bride)

ct videographer

 Oh my goodness!  We LOVE the movies so much that mere words cannot express

 how wonderful they are.  These will be cherished forever!!  I also love the outtakes. 

 WOW, I cried, I laughed... they were perfect!!!!!!!!

 Thank you from all of us... the kids just loved it!!!

      Jackie   (Connecticut Mom - videos were of her daughters and dogs on the beach)

ct videographer

 I thought the Sweet Sixteen video was great... you really got in there.  

 And I like the look and feel of the Steadicam shots.  Great stuff.  

 Looking forward to working with you again in the future!

      Rob Corr   (Lighting Director)

ri wedding videographer

 You are the most professional videographer I have ever seen.

      Victor   (Wedding DJ)

ny wedding videographer

 There's that guy again, with that machine attached to his body!

      Nick Carter   (Photographer)

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