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During a quick wedding day break Nicole and Mike talk about the Steadicam... "like a ninja".

When I first arrived Sarah reacted to the Steadicam and had some quick comments about its coolness factor.

Then everyone seems to forget I'm even there.  This is pretty much what most people's response has always been.

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Bruce Cullen and the Steadicam in action.  The making of a Dream Images real life motion picture. 


The Steadicam captures so many scenes better than any other camera.  This short highlights film has examples!


In the midst of wedding day excitement Heather and friends talk about the Steadicam... "one of the girls".


The Steadicam


Why do we film everything with it?

The Steadicam is an ingenious camera stabilizing system invented in 1975 by Garrett Brown.  


He used it the following year for the first time in a major motion picture, and filming of the scene was so impressive that it won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography.  


Steadicams are even more important today... being one of the cameras used to film most Hollywood movies, and many television shows, sporting events, and awards ceremonies - creating a dynamic at-home viewing experience.


The camera floats in front of the operator, so the footage it captures is naturally fluid and very compelling to watch. 


All of us here at Dream Images believe a Steadicam is ideal for covering any live event.  It is the only type of camera equipment we shoot with.  It covers just about any angle, captures movement very well, and is always ready to go. 


Because of the style we have developed, everyone is comfortable with being filmed.  Our technique makes it possible for us to easily stay out of the way, and still get great shots.  Photographers always appreciate working with us.


We would be more than happy to meet with you, at a time and place convenient for you, so you can see for yourself all the advantages of the Steadicam.  You will be amazed.  Most people love the way they feel around a Steadicam!  


            Steadicams are everywhere, but rarely seen...  until now.


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